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The Jackson Junior Welfare League has chosen the following Community Priority as the focus of our grant making for 2017/2018:

Uplifting Those in Need

Vision: The Jackson Junior Welfare League seeks to collaborate with organizations and participate in programs that provide a helping hand to those living in our community that are struggling to live healthy, happy and stable lives and serve as a vehicle for success in reaching this goal through one or more of the following means:

- Aid in the provision of basic needs, such as food and shelter to those unable to consistently provide this for themselves and their families;

- Promote access to resources that support skill development and aid individuals and families in reaching self-sufficiency;

- Provide health related resources to those that are uninsured or underinsured in the Jackson community;

- Provide resources that promote health (physical, mental, and emotional) and safety; and/or

- Provide resources that provide active assistance to those struggling with drug dependency.

*Please be sure to describe how your project relates to this area within your narrative.*


Please include the following information, limiting your response to two pages or less.

Please label your sections accordingly.

• What is the proposed time frame for the project?

• Basic information about your organization; particularly 501 (c)3 status.

• Description of the need for your proposed project or service.

• Description of how your program or service will fill the need described.

• A statement regarding how your organization’s mission and the proposed project or service correlates with the JJWL’s community priority.

• Project Budget

• Organizational Budget


Please include a copy of your IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)3 tax-exempt status and your most recent 990.

**Complete Letters of Intent and Attachments should be emailed as a single PDF to

communityprojects@jjwl.org on or before Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at 5:00 PM.**

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